Freitag, 29. April 2011

We need help from citizens. These people have NOTHING left. #Presstorm Responds to Disaster Area in Tuscaloosa

Presstorm Responds to Disaster Area in Tuscaloosa, Alabama We are looking for ANY donations that people are willing to give. The people in the Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas have been left with nothing

Their homes have been destroyed. Their vehicles have been destroyed. Their lives…have been destroyed.

We are asking the local community of central Florida to
 help make a difference in someones life that no longer has anything ! 

We want to organize a fundraiser such as car wash bar b q any and all help would be appreciated ! 

Any business that donates anything will have a thank you page put on our page as a thank you for your contribution !
currently in Florida we have access to bobcats, two trucks and 3 volunteers to go ! lets make an impact !!  

We would like to leave this Monday however with short notice it will most likely be next Monday   

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