Dienstag, 27. September 2011

#Op SupportGreece - Anonymous

Dear Citizens of the world.

Greece as we knew it does not exist any more.

Our governors draw a line in what they call democracy between citizens and rulers.

Citizens of Greece are experiencing the catalysis of their institutions and constitution.
The foundations of democracy and freedom, which the past generations fought for, are being destroyed in a constant and steady way every single day.

The fake economic crisis shatters families, sends people to unemployment and starvation. People who can not afford anymore to pay bills and taxes are growing in numbers every day.

Taxes, which were intentionally connected to the economic fraud by the corrupted politicians and the bankers, are being voted in the parliament as we speak and there are more to come.

The control of our national sovereignty has been fully given to IMF and the economic terrorists, who's their will is to rob Greece and its property, same thing they did on Ireland and Argentina.

We are protesting against their actions, demanding the obvious.

Recently we had a peaceful protest at "Syntagma" square; thousands of people demanding the government to recede. The answer was extreme police brutality. Blind hits on old persons, women and children for no reason.

Since then, police uses extreme violence in any kind of protest.

New anti-constitutional taxes will come, harder and cruel than ever, even more people will reach the limit of poverty.

Now they have injected taxes in our electricity bills; most of us do not have the money to pay those huge amounts especially after latest salaries reduction. Government threatens to shut electricity off to anyone not paying the new "injected tax" bill.

No electricity means no internet.

We are facing the case to lose communication with the rest of the world and be unable henceforth to share what we are facing everyday.

We call for supporting us to our fight.

This giant must fall; more countries are to follow this Greece's economic experiment.

Citizens are waking up, preparing mass protests on the 27th of September, 6th and 19th of October at "Syntagma" square.

More dates are to come.

Spread the message and support us.

Support freedom and democracy.

We are Legion.

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

Expect us.

Fire At Will!

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