Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Anonymous - Message to the architects of war.

Anonymous - Message to the architects of war. 


This is a message from the anonymous collective.

Architects of war, we are well aware of your plans.
But even though this will be your most epic creation,
know that it will also be your last. 

We will allow
the upcoming events to unfold, we will not fight it,
for it is indeed a necessary evil we will have to
endure in order to move forward.

 The destructions
will be massive and the ripples will reach far beyond
the zones of direct war, rights will be trampled upon and
lives will be robbed. 

You will expose one another,
you will kill and get killed. You will send
our sons & daughters into battle, and they will go.
They will fight for their country, they will fight for
their rights, for their families and for their friends.

The majority of these loyal citzens will die, because of you.
Lords of war, it is not only your lives that will be
lost in this process, the suffering you have caused will stain your
souls far beyond your death.

 And even though we will
not fight you in your execution of wars, we will never
stop exposing you and we will never allow you to implement
so-called kill-switch of the internet. we will destroy all
attempts of introducing web-passports. we will hunt down
and execute every internet police officer you ever recruit.

we will now also bring a message to your financial colleagues.
the plan that once was just whispers in the halls of power
has now become a loud agenda for the most greedy inner circle
of the 1%. But know this, we are watching you. 

as your plans of putting censorship on information will
never be allowed, we assure you here and now that your
fanatic plans of taking total controll of earths water
will never come to pass. On this particular subject we have
allies you would never imagine.

with this said, we finish this message with gratitude for
the 99%, keep waking up and keep flooding the streets.
And as the camps get destroyd, keep flowing. 

in your hearts that this flood isnt possible to stop.
As they build up their dams we will go around them,
and eventually we will go over them. Transform the
camps into other areas of action. 

Do indeed arrange
the powerful mic-checks. Arrange mic-checks on all events
where this architects of war and economic criminals spread
their venom. Infiltrate their dinners and press releases.
Do it in large numbers, we are all with you.

we are all the 99%.
we are all legion.
we do not forgive
we do not forget.


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