Samstag, 17. März 2012

Anonymous; Project Reality Hacking

Hello peoples of earth,

 As we have seen tremendous growth and expansion of this idea that is anonymous the people have started to awaken worldwide, people have started to look past the shadows on the wall, as this sense of rebellion, this sense of freedom is viral. 

We must now read what has been so pertinent about this initiative in order to further ourselves as a humanity, and we must also discover the utensils needed next to expand the movement of awakening. 

Anonymous fights for freedom of information. 
We know knowledge; information and experiences are the most powerful assets one can attain. 
They are all in the same. When you limit our information, you limit our lives. 
You take our livelihood and instill fear. 

We do not need your lies for your security. 
Our government and the peoples we recognize as the 1% keep the truths away from the masses. 
What is so dangerous with knowledge for all, and why is fear so beneficial for you? 
if the masses had the available knowledge that the corrupt did, the corrupt would no longer have the dictatorial power that they do.

 What they do not recognize is that information cannot be commoditized; it is a freedom that cultivates with participation. 

The elite feel compelled to withhold this freedom as if there is only so much information to go around, 
and with greed of knowledge, they prosper.

 If you feel challenged by this, if you are compelled to not be a commodity in their machine, but a component in humanity, then we must further this movement to a new level. 

The revolution is moving to a physical fruition. 

This is something the Governments sense, they know the strength of the awakening people is rising. 

They have begun to expect us. As with the recent passing of laws we see how malleable the constitutional rights of a citizen can be made as the choices are made on our behalf to trade liberties for security. 

Patriot act, 
National Defense Authorization act,
 anti-counterfeiting trade agreement are most prominent examples, 
and now the most recent of HR 347 takes another chip of the block of freedom we are told we have. 
It is now a federal offense to protest on the grounds of where a government official is or will be temporarily visiting. 
They earn the right to secret service protection, we lose the right to free speech. 
Anonymous fights oppression, anonymous fights censorship, anonymous fights corruption, anonymous fights secrecy, anonymous fights lies. Now anonymous moves to hack in our physical realm. 
Project reality hacking has been initiated. 
Under this blanket of project reality hacking new operations will be launched. Operations that hack the realm of the normative reality. Look for the breadcrumbs that lead us down this golden road of awakening. 

We are anonymous 

We are Legion 

We do not forgive

We do not forget 

Expect us. 

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