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Stupid Things Scientologists Say (classic version)

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What did she say? Are they talking gibberish? Do they really believe this? Of course they don't. But they are making money off people who did believe it. It's a pyramid scheme and the people at the top of the pyramid are willing to say the stupidest things to get you to sign up under them. Then they get a cut of whatever you spend.

Stupid things Scientologists say in promo videos is compared with the stupid things they say in real life. If your reaction is "WTF?" then you got the idea.

Debbie Cook Baumgarten, the blonde woman in charge, ended up blowing the cult, got held captive, and now is rebelling against cult leadership. Want to tell Debbie she's an idiot? Check out her website here:

The guy in the beige suit ended up having a stroke and was dumped in an old folks home to die forgotten.

Flag = Clearwater, Florida
OT = Optimized Person
The Bridge = Their religious levels
Auditing = talk therapy/interrogations
Auditor = talk therapist/co-therapist/interrogator who sometimes works for free just for the experience
Word Clearer = someone who translates Scientology jargon into real world defintions
Cramming Officer = someone who aggressively degrades you until you learn/do something properly
Ethics Officer = Someone who enforces loyalty
Rundown = series of procedures
Dynamic = one of the Eight levels of life from yourself to infinity
Theta = good
Thetan = Soul
Solo NOTS = New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans
Out Int = ???

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