Montag, 20. August 2012

Recent reports from our contacts on the ground in Syria have told us that phone and internet service is constantly being throttled, and sometimes it's completely cut off -- just as military tanks roll into a neighborhood. 
While the Syrian government has their hand on the switch, a major telecommunications operator there, MTN, has not stood up for the people they serve.
We need them immediately to push back against Assad and his thugs in order to protect Syrians in the middle of a war zone. Click the link below to sign the urgent petition calling on MTN to stop enabling dictators to violate the rights of their citizens:

MTN, with 175 million subscribers worldwide, is feeling the pressure from the international community for their complicity in human rights abusing countries like Iran and Zimbabwe. 
How do we know? Because MTN has audaciously sent its PR team to ask us how to improve its public image. We told them their problem is not how MTN is perceived, but what it does.
They said our conversation was confidential, but we told them it was public and that we'd be consulting our members before getting back to them. That's why we need you now.
We've got MTN's ear, so we need to act fast to bring about change on the ground in Syria. Click the link below to sign the petition, and tell MTN to put an end to governments pushing telcos around to commit human rights abuses:

With your support,
The Access Team
PS: One by one, we are challenging telcos on their human rights policies. Just last month, we asked Vodafone at its annual shareholder meeting to come clean on government requests for user data, especially in known rights-abusing states. And now, thanks to over 10,000 of you who endorsed our question, they have invited us to engage in a direct dialogue with them to establish new practices founded on respect for human rights. Go here to read more:

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