Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Days for Malala's hope via Ricken Patel

We're probably all thinking the same thing -- how do we honour this incredible girl? 
Her dream was for all girls in Pakistan to attend school -- let's help her achieve it.

There's actually a pretty good expert plan for how to do that.
UK's former PM Gordon Brown is the new UN Envoy for Education,
 and is meeting Pakistani President Zardari in a few days. 
He says a million signatures on a petition will really help 
him get the media swell we need to persuade Zardari. 
So let's do it, and have a pretty amazing present ready for Malala 
when she gets out of hospital! 

Sign and share this page to get us to a million!

Malala blogged for the BBC about life under the Taliban 
- the terror, the intimidation, and the demolition of girls' schools. 
Girls' education is constitutionally required in Pakistan,
 but only 29% of them make it to the 4th grade 
-- which is crazy since study after study shows 
that girls' education is a massive game-changer for development, 
poverty, public health and much more. 
One study suggested that if only half of girls finished school, 
Pakistan's economy would grow 6% faster every year! 
That just sounds like smart economics for a desperately poor country.

Getting girls to school is a complex challenge 
(sometimes parents don't want them there), 
but experts have developed a program of stipends 
for families and other measures like school-building
 and teacher training that is really working, 
now that the Taliban have been cleared out of many areas. 
All we need is for the Pakistani government
 to get behind a big national roll out of stipends. 
Zardari has been hugely supportive of Malala, 
and Brown says that he is open to this idea, 
so a big public push might be just what we need
 to get a big win here! 

Sign below and forward this to friends: 

There's such a powerful lesson in this campaign. 
That one brave girl can stand up to thugs, and inspire the world. 
Let's finish the lesson, and show that the world, inspired, 
can help this awesome girl win.

Such a pleasure to do these kinds of campaigns with you all,

Ricken, Emma, Maria Paz, Alaphia, Meredith, Pedro and the whole Avaaz team


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