Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Save Lhasa

Ngawang Sangdrol

UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting is starting this weekend. 

At this meeting the Committee can use their authority to seek and urgent mission to Lhasa, and to declare Lhasa a heritage site in danger.

Since you joined me in calling for the protection of my home, Lhasa, we have become a movement of more than 80,000 people.

But UNESCO have still yet to respond to our call.

Today we are delivering all 80+ thousand names to their doorstep in Paris. To help make sure they hear our voices I ask that you call their office and urge them to do the right thing; Protect Lhasa.

(please leave a message if you get a machine)

Remember, UNESCO's remit means they should be our allies in this struggle, urge them to take our concerns seriously and to help protect my great city in Tibet from being turned into a "tourist city".

Sign the Petition Safe Lhasa here:

If you are on Twitter please follow the delivery via @TheTibetNetwork #SaveLhasa
Bhod gyalo (victory to Tibet)
Ngawang Sangdrol

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